Ramadan Thoughts

Well… I’ve decided to type out what I think or concerning how I feel, indeed. 

I’d expected this Ramadan to be quite spiritual and I would have expected to have that sort of “united, family” feel to it. I experienced that before but this year it feels all the world isn’t fasting except me. Strange? Yes! Quite. What to do? I guess it works better if you tighten the loose ends of your bond, relationship with Allah. Praying five times a day is the warrior, the height of dedication! But doing more acts of righeousness and good deeds will help- after all the feel of Ramadan should not essentially be found in the brotherhood or sisterhood of this ummah, of Muslims being together (especially for the taraweeh prayer, which I’ve not gone to due to it being way past my bed-time…) but Ramadan could also be felt with the recitation of the Quraan and when you read it as if it is being revealed all over again.

I believe that since Ramadan is the month of mercy, thinking about the poor people who also go hungry just as you do, I understand very much how they feel because during my first few days in this month it was quite difficult fasting without my stomach churning away…Like there’s a little monster inside me! lol! Astaghfirallah, but I just think it quite fascinating to hear how loud your stomach could complain and grumble away… But anyway after the first few days, it came to a point where I hardly recognized I was fasting and when you break your fast- you really, really appreciate the food and drink and the ability to even swallow and digest. Subhaan’Allah, the gift of fasting and to do it while obtaining reward from Allah since it is a command and an obligation to do so… It is just amazing! When I also could no longer fast for a while, I knew when to eat and when to not eat like I’ve been well-disciplined naturally to eat when I’m hungry or starving and then to not* eat after I’ve satisfied the hunger or fulfilled that need. ..

The funny thing about it all is how some people fast in Ramadan just for fitness or health reasons, like intending to lose weight… When in reality Ramadan is all about the Quraan and fasting- not about banquetting and feasting. Although I must admit that for whatever food you have to break fast with during Ramadan, to you it turns into something  like a great big feast. Maasha’Allah. 😉

Ramadan Mubarak to all.