I am a 1 year old Muslimah, or at least between 1 and 100 years of age. As a traveller I have explored the world in different places, different countries, different climates and situations; as would be understood by everyone, I’ve visited “third-world” countries in addition to “first-world” too. Travelling is one of my hobbies and I would love to travel to Malaysia next or South Africa…Inshaa’Allah!

I had always wanted to create a blog of my own, at first I just wanted to be author to real handbooks (not ebooks) but I gave that idea up when I found that the whole procedure of publishing, editting, printing etc. bears little or no fruit anyway. Having created this all- has given me the opportunity to write my mind out (although technically it is not possible…) and I hope to bring to life my understanding of nature and throw light on reflections on nature which Allah is often revealed through.

I am a quite stubborn, easy-to-fool, quiet person and I do think deeply regarding many things; life, death, nature, sky, blue, black, rain, sun, strange, boring etc. etc. etc. It is difficult having grown up as old-fashioned as can be especially for my age it seems quite out-of-the-ordinary and it dos stand out -_- but now I couldn’t care less. Alhamdullilah.


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